Newport News Golf Club is excited about all the offerings we have for our golfers this upcoming season. We have many leagues at NNGC for all level of golfers. Please take the time to view our website and find the league or leagues that are a fit for you.

Golf Shop– Golf shop is fully stocked for this Spring. We are excited to carry multiple lines including Srixon, Titleist, Callaway and Ping equipment and apparel. We will also be carrying Sunday Swagger, Oakley,  Foot Joy, Cutter & Buck, Clique and Greg Norman apparel. A lot of the new stock has arrived so swing by and grab some new swag before its gone.

Callaway Fitting Day April 13th– Are you interested in getting some Callaway clubs for this upcoming season? Come out and take advantage of the fitting day to get properly fitted for your new set of Callaway’s. Click HERE to schedule your fitting on Thursday April 13th.

Maintenance- The Maintenance team has completed some bunker removals on both courses. Those areas are roped off until the grass is fully grown in. Early summer we will be sprigging the fairway on Deer Run #18, the sprigging will start late May to early June time frame. We aerified greens on both courses the first two weeks of March and they are about 90% healed. With the warm weather this week we look for them to be fully healed by this weekend.


Tee Times– After almost a year running our new Tee Time service with Tee Snap we have heard many positive comments. For those that have not taken advantage of using the online booking here are some instructions on how you can view times and book tee times on each course.

  1. Go to , on the top right side of the page you will see “tee times”. Click on it and you will be taken to the booking page.
  2. If you have not created a password you will need to go up to login and click on it. Your username is the email, then you can click forgot password and it will allow you to create a password. If you have trouble creating a password email and we will send you an email verification to create one.
  3. If you booked a tee time online and need to cancel it you login, then top right click on account, there you will see a list of tee times you have booked, go to the one you want to cancel and click view, then click cancel tee time.
  4. Please assist us by only booking the number of players you will have and canceling any bookings you aren’t going to make.
  5. Just a reminder that online bookings can be made 9 days in advance and in person booking at the Golf Shop can be booked 7 days in advance.

Gift Certificates, you can also go on the tee times page and enter your gift certificate code to check your balance.


Cardinal 9-Hole Play (Mon-Thurs): April-August we will run double tees in the afternoon starting at 4pm. You can go on the website and book a 9-hole round on either the front 9 or the back 9 during these months. All 18 hole play Mon-Thurs after 2pm will be on the Deer Run Course.


We will have a 7:30 am shotgun on Thanksgiving day for anyone looking to get a round in before their Thanksgiving festivities.

The fee is $35 per person. We will head out to assigned holes at 7:20 am.

Call 757-886-7925 to sign up or book online at starting on November 15th.

Sign up for Thanksgiving by going to the tee sheet on Thursday, November 24.

Sign up on November 24th

Save When you Book Online!
Swing into the 2022 Golf Season with a Special Offer!

$2 off when you book online during the entire month of April!

This special offer applies to booking 18 holes on either of our courses on any day at any time!

Dust of your clubs and hit the links today!


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